Email the site editor with your contributions concerning the history of atmospheric GCMs. A list of historical topics indicates important unanswered questions we would like to know your views on.

Your contribution might also involve sharing your personal remembrances about events in the history of atmospherics.

In addition, you may want to submit documents and pictures as part of your contribution. To preserve an accurate and objective history, nothing is so useful as actual documents created during the course of scientific work: letters, proposals for funding, reports, memos, etc. Photographs or other pictorial materials showing people, instruments, locations, or other subjects of historical interest are also welcome.

Documents and pictures submitted in electronic form may (with the permission of the authors) be posted on the site for others to view. Information about the location of non-digital documents will also be posted. To the extent possible, we will also scan highly significant documents and pictures for posting on this site.

Finally, we can assist with the placement of significant materials in archives or other permanent storage locations.