NetSlaves: Undertakers of the New Economy

"Something's rotten in the Technology business. Never in the history of media has so much money been spent so wastefully by clueless corporations hoping to make a fast buck in this medium. Look at the graveyard of business plans and 'gee-whiz' brainstorms which managers believed would be their ticket to Web profitability: personalization, soap operas, paid content, and push media are just a few of the corpses. Like myopic lemmings, these highly-paid corporate managers (very few of whom even know enough to answer their e-mail) all leap onto the same deadly bandwagon at once, dragging their budgets down with them in a hemorrhaging trail of red ink. Who pays the price of their ineptitude? The people in the front lines, of course -the men and women working in 24 x 7 electronic sweatshops, hoping to make it though another week without managers 'changing course' again."

NetSlaves is dedicated to those who have been negatively effected "the incompetence, moronic planning, and hysterical management of New Media companies." It is an online forum that provides a great deal of fodder for anyone interested in what not to do when investing in new ICT projects.

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